How Are Photos Made?

“A camera is just a tool. Photos are made with the mind and the heart.” – A.R. Knight

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How Can We Change the World?

By looking at the lesson in other people’s behavior and seeing ourselves in them.

Seeing ourselves as separate is the root of all loneliness and hate. Was what the parents did in the college cheating scandal right? No. It robbed their children of the chance to learn on their own merit and stole rightfully earned entry from deserving students. In my opinion, that’s the tragedy.

But have you ever wanted the best for your children or wanted people to think well of you? Admission to a prestigious university reflects well on both the children and the parents. No matter how much money those parents had, they still didn’t think they were good enough for their peers. So, they attempted to buy self-worth for themselves and their children—not understanding that you can’t buy self-worth. It comes from within.

We all want to be valued. Social media is a platform in which we can lift others up. You have the power to make a difference in someone else’s life every time you sign on. Look for yourself in everyone you meet, and you will see we are far more alike than we are different.

A.R. Knight

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Three Reasons

I was blown away to see this colored in illustration from one of my adult coloring books for three reasons:

1. It’s beautifully done.

2. The coloring is creative and very well-coordinated.

3. An amazing mother did this after having a stroke.

What a testament to the power of human beings to achieve anything…to rise above any limitations.

A. R. Knight

Illustration from Animals: Adult Coloring Book Stress Relieving Designs

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Make a Wish…

This cement impression reminded me of dandelion seeds, blowing in the wind. May the solid foundation of belief in yourself give wings to all of your dreams…

Photo: A.R. Knight

(The photo was sharp in the preview but not in the final upload. Still, I like the idea, so I’m keeping it here.)

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Speak…I Listen

Nature speaks with light, color, sound, shape, movement, and stillness…take a step closer. Listen with all your senses. She has so many stories to share…

Photo: A.R. Knight

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What Do We Have in Common with Nature?

Echolocation is the ability to use sound, rather than sight, to detect the location of objects. Did you know dolphins and bats evolved echolocation in the same way?

That’s particularly interesting, because they are two animals that never come in contact. One’s domain is the sea–the other, the skies.

“Now, a study shows that this ability arose independently in each group of mammals from the same genetic mutations. The work suggests that evolution sometimes arrives at new traits through the same sequence of steps, even in very different animals.” – Elizabeth Pennisi

What do you think this means for people? If such diverse animals are connected on a fundamental level, what does this say about our interconnectedness as a human race? How much might we have in common with the natural world that we don’t yet realize?

A.R. Knight

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