Why is Friendship Important?

From the moment we are born, we need other people in order to survive. A very important part of growing up is learning how to rely on oneself, but many of the best experiences in life are shared with others.

Genuine friends believe in us when we have trouble believing in ourselves. They see the best in us and challenge us to rise to who we are capable of being. But they also see our flaws…and accept us for being human, knowing we are all works in progress.

Though families can be bonded fiercely, often times it’s our friends who make us feel the most at home…especially the ones who understand us and accept us exactly as we are.

While we don’t get to choose our families, our co-workers, our bosses, and for many people around the world–their spouses–we always get to choose our friends…people who understand our suffering and who celebrate our joys…people who accept us when others don’t and who get us on a fundamental level.

True friendship is a gift. If you have one real friend in this world, you have something no amount of money can buy.

A.R. Knight

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